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First post on my own site...EVER!

You've seen me around for awhile, you know, blogging on ski sites or writing a little for magazines or posting whatever on social media. I am always playing around at something or other and I have always considered starting some kind of page for myself but, it was always centered around skiing. In fact, I actually own a page, However, if you happen to stop by, there is still nothing there and it's only been up for three years! I get sidetracked easily enough (it's my unchecked and untreated ADD running wild) and I lose interest faster than I can turn a pair of skis.

A few things have stayed around in my life, like my love of winter and all things white. Skiing, of course, my never ending desire to live out my life chilling on my very own wooden front porch, wrapped in blankets, staring up at the starry sky casting shadows over snow capped peaks and rocking myself to sleep (total run-on sentence). Trust me on this one. That wish is never gonna change. My family is not changing even though I am sure they get sick and tired of my "porching" talk and constant chatter about building my dream cabin far away. They love me despite it all. I still like to cook although, I've decided that trying to please four different palates pretty much sucks and I may have taken a bit of a hiatus until Noah (fingers crossed) turns into that teenager that eats anything and everything. I'll probably never stop reading or playing my violin, viola or the piano and I'll probably die with a dog by my side and when I make friends, they stay around forever...even if decades of silence go by.

Let's see. Hiking, mountain biking (although It's more fun to watch the boys these days), wakeboarding, collecting cookbooks and children's books and any books really, writing stories (that will probably NEVER get published), watching sports, namely football (Go Seahawks!), basketball (Go Jazz!) and hockey (Go whatever teams my kids are playing on...and the LA Kings!) are all things I still like to do so I guess I am not entirely flighty and fickle. I even still make it to church, EVERY SUNDAY, which, I know, makes a few eyebrows raise in wonder.

Anyways, you all probably know this stuff already but what you may not know is that my husband likes to call me a "Chinese tourist" wherever we go. Pretty much, I either have my iPhone, Olympus point and shoot or 20 pounds of Pentax gear on my person at all times. It's a problem we have all been dealing with for years. I don't know how to not keep my finger off of a shutter. I try but then there is always something to capture. Photographs are visual memories that can last forever! Maybe it's because my memory really bites or I rarely write in a journal or I just like to see the world through a prime lens, I don' t know but it has really become something more than a hobby.

I find peace and joy in the sitting and the waiting (for whatever bird to land next to me or skier to ski past). I like the world that I see when I am alone and quietly traipsing up some rocky trail where only my own two feet can take me. I love to capture my boys when they aren't looking and I especially love to capture people living their own beautiful moments. I love light and those quiet times of the day when it is especially soft and breathtaking. In fact, I love it so much that I have decided to create this page and this blog and begin a new journey in my life that I hope is ever changing, keeps me busy and fills my heart with joy. Because of course, if you know me, and you know that if life gets remotely boring...than things most certainly have to change.

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