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Lake Blanche

Last Friday, Isaac had the day off from school and what better way to spend it than hiking up to one of our favorite lakes...Lake Blanche! Although, the trail is steep and long (for a 9 year old and his buddy), the fall weather was spectacular and so was the scenery. The nice thing about hiking with kids is I can stop and take a few photos and then run and catch up. No one minds. Enjoy.

Autumn's Hand

Aspens crown a rocky path in golden waves of light whilst moose and deer feed lazily and sparrows take to flight.

Willow thickets deep and dense, laced with early morning’s frost, hides well a creek, bubbling, through granite cloaked in moss.

Laughter fills the wild space and children’s feet climb high, high towards the towering mountains, piercing a pale October sky.

A lake beyond the highest rocks, shimmers cold and bright and clear. Sun Dial rises up, her reflection flawless, upon nature’s perfect mirror.

Soon, ice and snow will put to sleep the miracles of spring but for now, autumn’s unequaled hand rests fleetingly upon dramatic canyon scene.

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