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Burch Family Photo Shoot

Love is real kids!

Last week, I spent more than a few hours with the lovely Birch family who entrusted their cute faces to me and my camera. They had driven down from Washington and I surely did not want to disappoint. I love shooting family photos but somehow, I have managed to escape the wiggly and busy toddlers...until now. There have been a few small children, once or twice but they have been generally willing to accept their fate and hold still while I click away. And then, in comes Caleb Burch and all of his bounding energy. Along with Caleb, came gusting winds, sweet Evelyn with her light sensitive eyes and the beautiful Cassidy who had the biggest smile (not quite sure mom wanted grins for miles in her pictures) that I have ever seen on such a tiny body. Factor in a new baby and I had my hands full.

Hi, my name is Caleb and I am BOUNDING with energy!

After a not so successful photo shoot full of blowing hair, bad light, prickly weeds and tired kids, we decided to try again a few days later at another spot. Thankfully, the wind was calm, the grass was soft and the earlier time meant happier kiddos. I suppose, life just doesn't always go as planned. I did realize, however, that sometimes, it's okay just to try again rather than keep hoping that good photos will miraculously happen. As Henry Ford once said... "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more WISELY."

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