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Portia's Sunset

When I found out that Noah had a hockey game last night at the Accord in West Valley, I thought "Why not"? I'll just grab my cute niece, Portia, and head over to the Great Salt Lake for a smoky, summery sunset. Noah's game was later moved to Murray but by that time, my heart was set on pinks and reds.

When I was a little girl, I remember the water lapping up against the rocks along 1-80 and a short walk past the Salt Palace was all it took to get to the water. While the Great Salt Lake is still the largest NATURAL lake west of the Mississippi, it is sad to see how much water has disappeared over the years.

After quite a walk over HOT, crusty salt and sand, we made it out to the bath temperature water and soaked in the magnificent sunset that blazed before us. These pinks and reds are the silver lining, a small gift from the haze and smoke lingering from wildfires burning in the west.

While my boys turned their noses up at this photographic adventure, I was grateful that our beautiful Portia was willing to brave the salt, the flies, the smell and the heat for these gorgeous photos. In the end, we had so much fun hanging out at one of Utah's most iconic spots. Enjoy.

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