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Happiness is the Bradleys

Harold B. Lee once gave a very important bit of advice. He said, “Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but on what happens inside of you." A few weeks ago, my nephew Chandler returned from the serving in Chile and next week, his brother, Tanner will be leaving for Hawaii where he will serve two years. I have been so blessed to watch these boys grow up as well as be a part of our awesomely huge and fun Hodson family. I was also blessed to be able to capture these great images of the Bradley's as they laughed and teased and smiled together as an entire family in the few fleeting moments that this has been possible.

When I think of the Bradley family, I think of happiness. They are always smiling and laughing, pulling pranks and finding ways to make others happy. This is a family who has found and knows true joy through their trials and their faith and by sticking together and being each other's very best friends.

I have turned into a photo location scavenger. I can't help it, it's so much fun. I love real estate as well and I have always enjoyed walking into dives and imagining what they might look like if someone transformed them with a little grit and hard work. Finding beauty in things and places that most might consider ugly is a special quality that I admire in others and aspire to do in my own life. Anything and anyplace can be beautiful and maybe all it takes is to stand a beautiful person in the midst of it! For Example.

Pretty trashy. Definitely not a place anyone might call lovely. But then add this guy...

What?! WOW! Take Tanner for instance. No, he's not ugly but oh my gosh, has some ugliness happened here. Without going into detail, I will just add that I almost threw up a few more times than I care to admit. Anywhooski, with flattering afternoon light dappling into this quiet, brick alley, it made perfect sense to add a few flattering humans as well. Might I add, some of my favorite humans.

Oh, and one more for good measure.

How about a few rails, brick walls, stairwells and parking garages to round out the session. I wish I could share them all but of course, I must keep some things sacred. If you like this look, Exchange Place, downtown is a great location to shoot. You can photograph all day here with solid shade to be found everywhere. Great spot when middle of the daytime is your only time.

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