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Willow Heights

It was an absolutely glorious fall morning up Big Cottonwood Canyon and I couldn't resist getting out my pen and paper for a little poetry session and of course...dah duh...a camera. I love fall and I am so grateful that I can enjoy these wondrous places just minutes from my front door. The world is a beautiful place but it is absolutely exceptional right now! While the title is Willow Heights, some of the photos were taken at Solitude and also on Guardsman Pass. All photos were shot on my Pentax K1 with a Tamron 28-75mm walk-around lens.

Willow Heights

Before the bitter winds gust forth

upon the hills of golden boughs,

aspens sing out in nature’s gold,

gentle, like sweet lover’s vows.

Sunlight warms the dying grasses

nodding in a mountain breeze,

while sodden soil cloaked in yellow

lays hidden, deep, beneath rustling trees.

Lightly, footsteps, uphill tread

upon a forest path of scattered leaves.

Fall’s beauty, strikes the beating heart,

and dreamy thoughts the peaceful

mind weaves.

A glistening lake lays still as glass

reflecting groves of flaxen timber

and alpine meadows sing with life

that soon will be blanketed by

impending winter.

Jewels, red and gold burst wide as

autumn’s splendid show unfolds.

It’s beauty unsurpassed is fleeting,

the glorious crown that nature holds.

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