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Making Memories at Noon 0'Clock

Okay, so who seriously takes photos between 12-2pm with the sun high overhead and no clouds in sight? Well, today, I did. Sometimes, life just works out in ways that you don't expect and changing times on little Ms. Rachel Weirsdorf and her insanely cute kids put us at basically, the very worst time of the day to take photos. I mean, what in the heck?! There's the "golden" hours (an hour before sunset and after sunrise) and the "decent" hours and the "we'll deal with it if we have to" hours and then there is the "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT" hours. Yep, high noon. As far as shooting outside goes, unless, there is solid shade somewhere or some nice, dark clouds or a few assistants who can help filter light then shooting during the middle of the day is basically a NO! But then, here we are, with some absolutely beautiful photos. I won't say they were easy and I may have clothes-pinned my clean, white sheet to a few trees and sat these (extremely patient) children in some pretty precarious and uncomfortable spots but we did it and I am so excited! Basically, because I know that if I end up in this situation again, I can make a little magic happen. It's possible people! A big thank you to Rachel, Sophia and Jordan for their sweetness and joy and willingness to go along with all my wackiness for a few hours! By the way, all of these (except one) were shot on a Pentax K1 with my gorgeous HD Pentax D-FA 70-200mm zoom and not a single one of these were filtered, matted or edited other than a little lightening on a few and of course, the three black and whites. Easy. Love. Done.

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