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The Newitts & The Paulsens

This photo blog is a long time coming. I can usually pull out a few favorites to post but there were just so many great pics of these families, that it was too hard for me to wrap my head around it in a short amount of time. I loved every second of this afternoon/evening session up at Neff's Canyon trailhead. The scenery was beautiful, the light pretty and the subjects (for the most part...wink, wink) were on fire! While I see the Newitt family just about every single day of my life because they happen to be direct neighbors across from me, I enjoyed watching this sweet family interact with each other and their cousins in a more intimate way. Allison and her beautiful sister, Kristen are an absolute joy to be around and I am sure they have tons of fun whenever they get together! They made me laugh more than once. Many of you reading this, will likely get a Newitt Family Christmas card so, I'll let the best one be a happy surprise. Enjoy.

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