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She Said Yes!

Several weeks ago, my cousin called with a grand scheme to propose to his fun-loving girlfriend, Niki. It involved a trip to Philip & Company where he, perfectly designed and bought a beautiful diamond ring, flanked in fiery opals and a Birthday photo shoot that of course was going to turn into something just a bit more fantastic. I was all in. The plan went like this. Aaron would surprise Niki with a photo shoot, located up one of their favorite trails, before her Birthday dinner (Which, unbeknownst to her and most of her guests would, of course, be turning into an engagement/Birthday dinner!). Naturally, she would totally buy into this because for one, she is always commenting on my pics saying how much she wants to go take some and two, these love birds are soon off to Spain where there had been hints of a proposal. It was the perfect set up and the perfect way to capture their perfect moment with timeless photos that will last their life together. I have never been so excited to snap photos and loved every second leading up to the sun setting and Aaron's heart racing and his giddy smiles which were a sure indicator of a ring making its way out of his pocket. Nicki's surprise and excitement, her tears and her happiness made this session one to never forget. Thank you Aaron for such a wonderful evening and thank you Niki for being so dang gorgeous!!!

All photos were taken on my Pentax K1, K3 and a Pentax HD FA 70-200mm, Sigma 35mm Art & Pentax 100mm Macro (ring).

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