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Weekend Deconstruction

This past weekend we headed over to Aspen, Colorado for the Aspen Fall Face Off. Both of my boys played in hockey tournaments all weekend and trust me, I took a LOT of hockey photos but I will get to those later. What really gets me going (as if anyone who knows me didn't already know) is the beautiful world around me and the exquisite, small things that one might casually walk past. I love the details and the precious gifts that God has left for us so that we may always be reminded of His hand in our lives. While some of these photos may be of the wider-angled sort, most were taken lying in the grass, balancing on river rocks, crouching in some off-the-trail bushes or traipsing through abandoned fields in search of my own private and beautifully deconstructed weekend. Because of course, hockey isn't everything and there is always a reward when you pull off a highway and go exploring. Take for instance, touching real dinosaur bones at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah!

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