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Swallow Family

There is nothing like showing up to a photo session only to find out that your chosen spot has turned into a closed construction zone. I wanted to take the Swallow family's photos up near the Suncrest parking lot which accesses the Corner Canyon trails such as Rush and Ghost Falls. The area is currently closed and on top of that the entire hillside that I imagined being so beautiful for pictures is currently bulldozed and torn up for new apartments and homes. My heart literally aches at the thought of it now. I hated seeing that gorgeous area ripped up!

Anyways, I had to make some last second decisions because this late in the year, you are racing against the light. I called and said to meet me at Potato Hill just down the road. I have never hiked or biked at the Potato Hill Trailhead and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did know, however, that my sweeping views of Lone Peak would be gone. Within minutes, everyone arrived and I ended up discovering (for myself of course) a beautiful new spot to capture stunning family photos. The weather was warm, the fading light perfect and the family, simply adorable. By the way, this beautiful mother was the cute little sister of one o my high school friends and grew up in my Ward in Washington. It was great fun to reconnect and catch up on the last twenty years! Lastly, sometimes the most imperfect photos make the most perfect the darling one above! Enjoy.

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