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It's a Wintry Kasteler Wonderland

I am lagging on the family posts and I am going to try to get them all up before the end of the year but humor me on moving backwards. I just finished editing the Kasteler pics and when I say edit, I mean, I went through deleted a few with closed eyes, lighted or darkened the exposure on a few and filtered some for fun. Nothing major as they were almost perfect, making my life so much easier. I smiled all the way through them and the hardest part was not posting 150 photos! They were all so pretty! Notice how much the styling here (great job Claire) and the easy but prettily curled hair and makeup makes for gorgeous shots. Photo shoots always go better when everyone is looking their best. That doesn't mean done up to the hilt, just put together and polished. It just makes for confident and happier clients and beautiful photos. This family just wanted simple, wintry pics and these gems are perfect. They sure make me want to go outside, right now, and play in the snow...

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