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The Poulton Family

Oh, hey look, I'm getting to the Poulton family...FINALLY! How about these super last second photos that definitely came together at the final moment? We were on and then we were off and then weeks went by and then suddenly, we were back on again with literally, minutes to spare before we lost our light. The location was a whim as it was super close and the boys could jet and get to their sports. We were originally going to just shoot photos on the park bridge but the wind was whipping and a wicked winter storm was brewing. Panicked, I looked down and noticed this awesome river bed full of cool tones and textures. The wind mellowed in the deep ravine but the craziest thing about this session was it snowed the following morning and this super unique, dry river bed disappeared beneath the deep snows of winter. While things were definitely hectic and a photo shoot was not what any of the boys in this family considered a great way to spend their time, we managed some smiles and even goofy moments. It didn't really matter too much what the boys thought anyways, because as you can see, the girls were having the time of their lives. Enjoy.

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