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Stalking Lilly

I recently read an article about how important it is to make our own photography "work" sometimes. I do this all the time with landscape, still life and street photos but rarely with people. I mean, why shoot them if you aren't getting paid? However, sometimes to shoot who, what, where and how you want is artistically awesome!. When you choose your own work, you can waste time trying new things, new gels, work on lighting etc. You really can just do what you want as long as you have a willing subject. A few weeks ago, I noticed a girl on a friend's Instagram and literally, I stopped what I was doing and stalked her just enough to guess that she would be into a photo shoot, she would be comfortable, she would be fun and she would be ridiculously photogenic. I sent her a message and she was down. My husband asked me if I was worried about just meeting up with random people to take photos, I laughed because I'm the one who stalked Lilly! And with good reason, she did tow along her boyfriend just to be safe. A good thing too because I put him to work and even added him on a few shots. Here are a few photos with the very unforgettable, Lilly Glennon. Thank you Lilly for letting me drag you out into some pretty unsavory places. I hope you enjoy the grittier, moodier, film like images that we were able to create together.

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