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Tutus for You

When my friend Priscilla Hao asked if I would take some photos of her stunning tutus, I readily accepted. While there may be a little behind the scene trade going on, I still would never have turned down the opportunity to showcase a beautiful dancer, a gorgeous morning and some seriously amazing sewing talent!

Generally, after a photo session, I spend a lot of time editing and deleting photos. This morning, I plugged in my SD cards and not only did I hardly delete any of the 200 plus photos but, I ended up with more because I couldn't stop duplicating and adding different filters. I am just so in love with the location, the tutus and our flawless ballerina, Carly.

Priscilla, who has been sewing dance wear, dresses and costumes for BYU's theater and dance department, is now branching out to sell and rent her own designs to those lucky enough to stumble upon her dramatic and gorgeous creations. Watch for her website to start taking shape and showcasing her work. Carly is wearing all of Priscilla's own work in these photos.

Upon looking at the pictures of her daughter, Carly's mom remarked that it will be interesting to see which photos I pick to post, Carly picks to post and print and Priscilla picks to use on her new site. Each of us are looking at photos in a different way and for different reasons. So, here I am, posting some of my favorite "artsy" and filtered shots while I am excited to soon share with you Priscilla's picks. Likely the clean, unfiltered photos which best show off her incredible talent.


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