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It's All About Me. Really.

It's January 19th, it's snowing outside and it's my Birthday! Not just any Birthday but apparently, I am now over the hill. I know that this whole blog post may seem a little self absorbed and ridiculous, especially because I am posting it today of all days, but I had a good reason. I was asked for a new headshot for a publication, which I had written for, and as I started going through all my pictures, I realized that 1. Almost all of them were taken with an iPhone and of the goofy selfie nature. 2. I like to make weird faces and wear hats or beanies and sunglasses and 3. I most likely have a dog, a kid or a pair of skis in just about every photo.

I realized that while I had a headshot or two from about a decade ago, using them wouldn't really be true to my newly, forty-year old self. I had no time to hire someone and I definitely am not in the business of asking people to take photos of me so, I thought to myself, "Hey, I take pictures of other people all the time, why not take mine?" So, I did.

While, of course, I had to wear a beanie (It's the middle of winter for heaven's sake), I just moved some furniture aside, set up my tripod, arranged a vase of flowers in my makeshift studio (to have a focal point) and went to town. I am making it sound like a cake-walk when in fact, it was kind of a pain in the you-know-what. If my camera was in my hand some of these would likely be a bit sharper on the eyes and I probably wouldn't have sweat so much running back and forth and I definitely would have been done in 10 minutes, instead of 45. But hey, I had fun and I think I am now, officially, in the business of taking legit "selfies". I got my headshot off to the editor and I have some silly photos. Yay me.

I added the corner of my house that turned into a little studio so, you could see the backstory. All pics were taken on a Pentax K1 with the Pentax HD FA 70-200mm lens.

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